Sunday, September 25, 2011

DIY Vintage Window Picture Frame

This inspiration came from a gift that I had to make for my sister. Since I am a photographer, I wanted to make her something that had to do with that. Because I had just taken a bunch of pictures of her and husband I went in that direction.

I had never actually seen this done but I found something similar on that you can compare it to.
  • Vintage window-However many panes you want. I got mine off and it's 3x3.
  • Pictures to fill the windows (the window I got perfectly fit 8x10 photo's. I used 8 pictures.
  • Brown Package Wrapping Paper
  • Staples
  • Modes of Hanging-I used Hanging Wire
  • Quote for the middle window-I used a vinyl lettered quote
  • Styrofoam

1-Put the pictures into the panes of the windows. I filled the back of them with Styrofoam to hold them in.

2-After that, I covered the back with the brown package wrapping paper to hold everything in and stapled it to the window. The only problem with that is that in order to re-open it you have to rip it open.

3. Attach the hanging mode to the back. If you use hanging wire like I did, make sure they are even so the frame will hang straight.

-Note: when I ordered my window off, it came with a few broken windows so I took it to a local Window shop and they replaced it for me for 25$. Fast and Easy process.

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