Sunday, September 25, 2011

DIY Decorative Wall Art

This is the first project that I've tried to do. There are quite a few things that I love about this, and a few things that I would change for next time.

I first saw this idea on in black and white and very modern (below). I'm addicted to this site and most of my ideas will come from here. I love taking these ideas and making them my own. It comes from
Here is my step by step process. I don't have pictures for each step of the way, but in the future there will be. Enjoy!

Materials: I got all of this from HobbyLobby
  • 9 12X12 scrapbook pages
  • 9 12X12X1 pieces of Styrofoam (I bought 3 pieces of 36X12X1 Styrofoam and used a Styrofoam cutter to cut them into 12X12. If you don't use an actual Styrofoam cutter, the edges will be jagged and hard to work with.
  • Fabric glue (I used tacky glue)
  • Ribbon-36 ft for outsides of Styrofoam and at least 1 inch thick
  • Pins or tacks
  • I chose to go in a more vintage looking wall decoration so I also added some yo-yo's, buttons, and pearls.

1. The first step is to choose the lay-out of the pages you want. Once you've chosen them begin to glue them to the tops of Styrofoam. Hint: the glue makes the pages bumpy and not very appealing. Be sure to use the glue just along the edges and corners to make it stick.

2. After doing this, take some ribbon and glue it around the outsides of the Styrofoam to hide the white sides. I chose brown to match with the vintage them. Tack in the ends.

3. Screw the "teeth hangers" to the back to hang up the displays. Make sure they are all in the same place on each of the 9 pieces so they hang even.

4. After this, I added my own touches of some yo-yo's. To make yo-yo's,
1. Cut a circle of fabric. Hint: they shrink pretty small so cut it relatively big. I usually
begin with a diameter of about 10 inches and then create a few different sizes from there.
2. Fold the edges of the circle (reverse side facing you) about a 1/3-1/2 inch around and sew
them down with a needle and thread.
3. Once you've sewn it all the way around, pull the thread tight so the fabric begins to
scrunch together.
4. Tie a knot and assemble it in a circle way

5. Pin the yo-yo's to the displays wherever you like them. I also added some buttons and strings of pearls to keep it a vintage looking style.

6. Put some nails in, equidistant and hang the displays!

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